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Shout! Factory

Los Angeles,California
2034 Armacost Ave 1st Floor

Website shoutfactory.com

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Shout! Factory is a media company based in West Los Angeles.The company started 12 years ago and now has over 60 employees. Founded with the motto of ‘what we grew up on, but never outgrew’, Shout! Factory has its roots in nostalgic popular culture. Today we are much more than that. Shout! Factory offers consumers a wide array of films, TV shows and music on a variety of platforms, principally via DVD, digital streaming, download and broadcast.

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Beloved by fans and filmmakers, Shout! Factory is a unique distributor of independent film, classic and contemporary TV, music, animation and comedy.  The founders pioneered the careful curation and marketing of pop culture music with their first company, Rhino Records.  They brought the same passion for quality content to the video space when founding Shout! Factory in 2003, and today we are a company of over 60 dedicated employees who love to bring to the public the film and TV content they love themselves – comedy, horror, animation, nostalgia and fan favorites, delivered thru digital streaming, downloads,...